Henry Fisher, Release 2, Single Cask Single Malt Whisky, Dutschke White Muscat Cask

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Dutschke White Muscat Cask.

Matured in a French Oak 100l Quater Cask for 5yrs. 

118 bottles at 44.5%ABV.

Nose: Floral, Raisins, Vanilla

Palate: Creamy, Muscat, Shiraz, Oak

Barrel Details: Made by Treuil Cooperage in France, first filled 1997 by Wayne Dutschke with a Dry Red. Decanted 2001 and filled with Dutschke Old Codger Tawny Port Base.

Decanted in 2005 and filled with Dutschke White Muscat up until Jan 2018 when Wayne decanted the barrel and handed it to Lachlan Rochfort to make Premium Whisky.

At that point the barrel was immediately taken to Andrew Young for Cooperage to maximise freshness and preserve the beautiful flavors within the barrel. Upon return from the cooperage the barrel was filled with New Make Spirit at 63.5% ABV mashed, fermented and distilled by Lachlan Rochfort.

The barrel then matured at three different locations all within close proximity to the South Australian coast line and a majority at Henry Fisher Distillery 1.3km from the beach in Encounter Bay.